Thursday, July 20, 2017

Authors: If you are looking for some talented professional artists this will help -

I have been fortunate to work with some amazing artists over these last few months.

When I first started my publishing company and began the journey to write and publish, and I'm writing an publishing a lot (several books being illustrated now) it occurrs to me that I was desperate for artists early on.

So today, I'm providing you with information for some very talented freelance artists I work with.
This is here for a resource of you, when you need a talented, reliable professional.
I will work with any of these people on any future project they have time for.

These are people I've found to be reliable, talented, and versatile.  These are professional artists, capable of a variety of styles, and I think they deserve some credit and attention. I'll post a piece of art from them along with a link to the biography pages I've set up for them.  Many of them work on fantasy art for my role-playing game writing, but several have experience illustrating children's books as well.

Without further ado, I give you the artists, you can click on their names to access their biographies:

Artist Samantha Vogelsang:  Samantha is a remarkable talent whose art has graced this blog since its launch.  Gifted with an amazing talent she is currently  responsible for illustrating  four children's books for me, the first of which I should have final art for in 10 days (no pressure Samantha).
A sketch she did for the first book

Artist Zachary Viola:  Zachary was referred to me by other artists working with me.  They assured me of his talent and professionalism and they were right to do so.  Zachary immediately proved himself to be an indispensable talent.  His subjects are usually inanimate objects such as vehicles, so if you have a children's books featuring robots or cars or other things such as that, Zachary is your man.
An example piece he did for his first book with me:

Artist Alexia Veldhuisen:  Alexia is a remarkable artist by any measure.  She is nearly complete with with her work for our first project together, and she and I are presently working on the logistics of a comic book project (more on that in my other blog pages).  Whether you want super heroes or animals or animal-super heroes you really can't go wrong with Alexia.
An example piece from her first project with me:

Artist Anthony Ojeda:  Another artist that was referred to me and one who never ceases to surprise me with the raw talent and polished skill he possesses.  Anthony is capable of gritty gothic work as well as soft lines and images you normally see with children's books.  He also teaches art to children, bringing joy to their lives.
A very recent example of art from Anthony (a fantasy piece):

Artist Phoenix O'Faery:  Phoenix is multi-disciplined and extraordinarily capable.  She has created and cover art for my first two book releases as well as interior art.  Gifted as a photographer and masterful manipulator for composite sketch/digital images, and a brilliant landscape painter,  Phoenix puts her heart into her work.  You really can't go wrong with Phoenix.
Example of her work, the cover image for my first book:

Artist Jacob Ochoa:  Jacob, wow, where to start?  Jacob gets the job done, and can take your illustration where you want it to go.  For the project he worked on with me (one so far) I wanted a dark and dangerous feeling to the images and he certainly delivered.  He knows what he can do, communicates well with you, and delivers on time.
Example of his work from a coming book:

Artist Christian Martinez:  Christian possesses talent and skill that is rarely seen. His images are gripping and he creates them after asking pointed questions about where you want the image to take people and how it should look and feel.  I have said before, and I stick by this, I will ask Christian to work on any project I have.  He is simply that good!
An example of Christian's work from my next book:

Artist James Lee:  James is the first artist I asked to work with me.  He possesses numerous talents, can work in several genres and mediums, has over a decade of professional experience, and is one of the most thoughtful and professional people I know.  He acts as my art director (freelance at that) and does an amazing job.  His own art is always remarkable, and yes he really does make holograms as well.  I couldn't decide on an image of his to use, so check out the links in his biography and have fun!

Artist Brian Lee:   Brian's work made Tale of the Wizard's Eye beautiful.  You don't often get to say that about role-playing game adventure modules, but it is certainly true.  Brian meets his deadlines, asks good questions about what you want to do with the image, and is a complete professional.  Brian is presently working on two other projects with me and I expect many more opportunities to work with him in the future:
Example art from Tale of the Wizard's Eye:

Artist Jennifer Fraggle Dee:   Fraggle is a remarkable artist.  Whether she is turning artists into monsters, creating crime scenes for scenes, or creating logos for companies (as she did for mine) she is truly a gifted artist.  Presently she is working illustrating a book written for adults in a children's book style, and is working on a bestiary for my first role-playing game.
Example art from Fraggle, pencil sketches:

Artist Rebecca Elisbet Coulthart:  Rebecca was referred to me about a year ago, and I have to say I'm glad she was.  Her eye for color and talent for clean lines create some captivating images.  I enjoy Rebecca's art and look forward to seeing new pieces each time.  Presently I'm expecting some work for the title card for The Draw of Glenfallow from her, which I should have by the end of the month and I am incredibly excited to see.
Example art from Rebecca:

Artist Kelsy Cowan:  Kelsy has the unique ability to take a description of your concept and then create the scene as you imagined.  She asks the right questions, can digest your answers, and asks the right follow up questions so that she understands what you want, then she delivers.  That is one of her great points folks.  Kelsy delivers with her art.
Example of art from Kelsy:

As I work with more artists I'll build more lists like this, to bring more artists to your attention.

So if you have projects that need art, this is a good resource.

Your comments are welcome.

Thank you for joining me again today and I hope you will join me next time.


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