Monday, June 19, 2017

Back to work! More writing to do, and more finding even more artists to work with!

It is a very exciting time for me.

Samantha Vogelsang is finishing up the art for my first children's book.  We'll be scanning images in, and then working on formatting for the book. 

It is quite exciting to see the fruition of our labors on this.  It reminds of the feeling you get when you have finished setting this up for your child's birthday celebration (when they are very young) and you see the look on your child's face (before it is smeared in cake).

I'm getting the same feeling here. 

A feeling that my mind wraps words around, such as "Wow!  We did that." or "It's really done." and then the every persistent "This is really happening!"

That excitement is pervasive.  It is coloring my personality of late, and it feels good.

So far, since I began my stretch into writing children's books, I have written one book dedicated to "Elliot" and one dedicated to "Ryder".  These are two are children of co-workers of mine (day job).  I'm going to be giving copies to my co-workers once the proofs are in.  It is my way of personally congratulating these two new fathers, and my gift to their sons.

I have also co-authored a book for my daughter.  My friend Phoenix O'Faery, a wonderful artist and author in her own right, was kind enough to assist me with some problems I was having in the story. 

I now have two more children's books I'm working on for other co-workers.  One for "Daisy" who was just born last month (May 2017) and a second for a child expected in November (not publicly named yet).  I'll be working on those book over the next 4 weeks (as well as several others I'm working on for my other genres), and will hope to see them all illustrated and out in the next nine months.

What next?

Glad you asked...  😇

For the later part of this year, I intend to begin writing a series of books to bring natural sciences to young children.  Illustrated with an eye toward the age of the reader, these books will be bringing science to the reader in a fun and readily digestible manner (wish me luck!).

I've also made the acquaintance of several more artists who are willing to work on children's book projects.

That alone is a great thing to be joyous about!  I find it rather refreshing to know that there are artists who are willing to work with me.  I also find it somewhat odd, in that I haven't published yet.  I attribute this, in large part, to this blog.

It seems that folks are willing to give the new guy a shot.  Honestly, I'm grateful.  Thanks for the opportunity and faith.

A word of advice from the new guy though.  Treat your artists well.  Be professional and kind.  Word seems to get around, and it is far better to have several artists interested in working with you, than to be looking around trying to find folks to take the job (from my, admittedly limited, experience).


Create and bring joy through your words.


I write under the pen name W.S. Quinton.

I hope you will join me next time, for more on my work in children's books and on observations about the genre and things I learn along the way.

Comments and questions are always welcome.

Thank you for reading.


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