Friday, May 5, 2017

Why I write for children and what I recommend for anyone who wants to... write it for the children.

My youngest daughter

Some days a little girl just wants to go to work with Daddy  😁

Children are precious.

Their joy is the hope for our future.

Their laughter is the joy of parenting.

I am very blessed to have children.  It is a huge responsibility, but the rewards are immense.

Little moments like the one captured above, which is from my evening last night, add up quickly.

From the coo of a small baby, to the giggle of toddlers, the riotous laughs of small children, and the deep belly laughs of young adults, a parent reaps the joy of their children as the reward for the struggle.

So, without going to far afield, I just wanted to share what makes writing for children special and important to me.

I am writing the children's books with a focus on making them enjoyable to the children.

The artists I am working with are producing pleasant images that are associated with the test of the respective pages.  This is being done in order to help children associate the words to the scene, and to make reading seem less daunting.

The stories I am telling, are meant to be fun and informative.  Primarily, I am writing to bring joy to the child.  A smile brought to those little faces is worth everything to the parents who are reading to or with them.

I encourage you, that if you are writing for children, don't let yourself get so caught up in deadlines and in the desire to publish that you forget the children.

Let their joy be your objective, and you will continue to feel joy in your writing.

My take away here is simple:  do it for the children.


Create and bring joy through your words.


I write under the pen name W.S. Quinton.
I hope you will join me next time, for more on my work in children's books and on observations about the genre and things I learn along the way.

Comments and questions are always welcome.

Thank you for reading.


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