Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Art by Samantha Vogelsang
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Happy Mother's Day!

We all owe our everything to the mothers who bore us.
I hope you have a wonderful day, surrounded by your children (and their children if such is the case).

Mothers are always mothers.  There really isn't a day off from that. So have a wonderful day!

Here in Kentucky, the sun is shining, my children are playing, and my wife and the mother of my children is enjoying a much deserved nap.

I had prepared a post I was going to put up on Monday, but I'll just tack it on below here.

In the meantime, prop your feet up a bit ladies.  Enjoy the sound of your children's laughter and the sight of their smiles.

For all the husbands/fathers out there, remember all they went through for the children.  Don't take the ladies for granted.

If you will excuse me then, I have some things to do before my wife wakes from her nap.


Today's entry, is different from the usual.

Today, I want to ask you the questions:  What story are you looking for?  What story do you want to read to your child?  (Please comment, this should be informative for all of us).

For me:
I like to write simple association stories for infants and toddlers.... so "the ball is red"; "this is my nose", that kind of thing.

For toddlers through pre-k, I like to write simple stories of friendship and good citizenship... telling stories that exalt virtues like truth, patience, etc.

Then for children at higher reading levels up to pre-teen:  I like to write stories that build confidence in the child, through story telling... good overcomes evil, bad guys always lose, kids really make a difference, etc.

What type of books do I want for my children? Pretty much the same as I like to write.    Mysteries, fantastic tales, and basic science for my older, pre-teens.  Books that describe things or actions while being within the child's reading comprehension for my kindergarten child.   Picture books for my toddler.

I also want stories on subjects my children enjoy.

For my 9 year old daughter books on horses, fantastic stories about  faeries or other mythical creatures, bible stories, mysteries, and fiction revolving around the kind of school drama that she sees day to day.  These are the books she looks for when we are out, and the kind I look for when I'm shopping for her.

Please do comment below:  What kind of stories do you children like?

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