Friday, May 26, 2017

Meandering thoughts and some story ideas

I like to tell stories.

I enjoy improvising tales to my children, and seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter.

I hope you do as well.

With your own children it is an easy thing to accomplish.  You know your children, and you are familiar with their likes and wants. 

What do you do then, when you are wanting to write something to appeal to a wide range of children?

You stop.

I have a hypothesis on this topic I would like to share.  You will not write something that appeals to all readers of any particular age.  It won't happen.  There will be children who don't care for your story, just as certainly as their are children who don't care for mine.  Its okay. Its normal.  Don't let it stress or distract you.  Just as all adults have different tastes in material they read, so too do children.

Write your story, and do your best to get it in front of those children who may want to read it.

Tell your story, and let it resonate with those children who enjoy it and let it fall by the wayside of those for whom it does not.   In the telling, the writing, and the creation of your work, you will have fulfilled your function as author.  From there on, it is the function of the reader to digest your work or not.

Now for some story ideas (feel free to explore this if you like):

A narrative telling of the progression of the lifecycle of a flower.   This story serving to be educational as well as visually pleasing.

Similiar theme, a narrative telling of the lifecycle of a tree.

Squirrels vs. Chipmunks... the baseball game of the century


Just some ideas I came up with.  As per prior entries, I recommend making notes of such ideas as they fall on you.  More than just the one or two sentences described above for your own notes, but sharing broad ideas may help someone write their own story if they are having a block.

I want to thank my friends at Wood Works, for linking folks to this blog.

Please do continue to share this blog with others.
Thank you for joining me here again today.


Create and bring joy through your words.


I write under the pen name W.S. Quinton.
I hope you will join me next time, for more on my work in children's books and on observations about the genre and things I learn along the way.

Comments and questions are always welcome.

Thank you for reading.

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